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[Admin Request] BRN


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Model for request admin

Cost: 1$ for every Grade

Payment Link: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?business=45RGF6E7J77KJ&no_recurring=0&currency_code=USD


Nick: BRN

Age: 17

Server Boost Link (gametracker.rs,tsarvar.com...) / Proof: Im waiting for confirmation from paypal its pendining i will donate soon more

Why do you want Admin on mmgc.gq server?: To help to better community i can indrouce server to balkan people .

How will you help the server if you receive this function ?: Baning cheaters helping people for any question they have 

How many hours / day do you play on the server? (not afk / spec) : 3/4hrs daily

Do you have any idea about the console commands ? :  Yes i know 80% of amxx 

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