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Admin Request Ameix


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Age: Sadly i am 15 ?

Server Boost Link (gametracker.rs,tsarvar.com...) / Proof:I donated only 1e because i can't use my paypal anymore 

Why do you want Admin on mmgc.gq server?:Because i am playing on the server everyday even if i am not active to much and i like to help

How will you help the server if you receive this function ?:I will help the players how much i can because i am already playing on the server for 3 months not everyday because i thought the server will be closed but i am happy that didn't happened

How many hours / day do you play on the server? (not afk / spec) :well, like 2-3 if that's ok

Do you have any idea about the console commands ? : Honestly it's my first time, i did some staff work on normal servers but i hadn't the chance doing it on zombie servers. I am a fast learner 

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the more you donate / active you are, you get promoted in server

all commands and grades can be found here


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