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- Fixed old dns: zombie.gq

- Fixed garry mod core plugin bugs

- Updated metamod + amxmodx

- Updated Rhlds

- Updated Reunion


- Fixed expired demo vip tags removal

- Fixed zombies hud overflow + positions

- Fixed register system can't save registered players in forum database



- Fixed overflow bugs in steam clients (not completed)

- Added weapon pickup + countdown sound effects

- Bigger hud messages

- Optimized fastdl + fast loading when connecting to server

- Optimized models + max fps is now 1000



- Fixed SOLID_NOT objects after grabing and moving them

- Optimized Objects movement plugin +++performance



- spawned objects can be pushed by humans/zombies

- spawned objects can be fixed using 'hammer'

- realistic objects grab

- fixed natives / forwards bugs

- max players limit is now : 64 (fake)  it needs a lot of work on rehlds engine to increase max players limit

- fixed assassin cl_sidespeed bug

- fixed humans movement speed after taking anti-dote

- fixed headcrab zombie movement speed

- removed objects grab sound effect

- removed objects glow effect +++ performance

- reduced zombies/humans glow effect +++ performance

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- Fixed duplicate infection countdown sound + hud

- Fixed zombies screen fade overflow

- Added new round end sounds

- Added new zombie maps

- Added new weapon purchase sound effect

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- 100% fixed client overflow due to client_cmd bad usage and other stuff...

- Fixed headcrub duck bug after taking antidote

- Fixed hud messages sometimes disappear

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- Added Mission System (15 missions)

- Fixed zombie ambiance sound repeats whenever player get infected

- Fixed zombie/human counts hud

- Fixed zombie gmod ambiance starts when the round end

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- Fixed bug saving player points / stats when disconnected

- Optimized humans gmod sounds which change based on zombie/human ratio

- Added CS:GO ak+m4a1+butterfly models + inspect + reload sound effects

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- Added human classes

- Fixed player sprinting bug for survivors / snipers

- Optimized player sprinting / pallets movements

- Fixed flashbang admin command

- Optimized gmod sound effects and reduced delay between sounds

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- Ammo Clips are now limited for every weapon

-Added Ammo Box to refill weapons ammo clips

- Weapons can be purchased using money instead of selecting weapon on every round start

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- Fixed last human ambiance won't play sometimes

- Fixed Bug zombies can purchase weapons when they are in buy zones

- Fixed money system bug when joining game you recieve wrong amount of money

- Added new weapons/ammo crates models + sound effects

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- Fixed HE Grenades damage bug ( somtimes it multiply x2 or x5)

- Fixed Hud damage indicator ( sometimes shows wrong damage )

- Fixed crates movement bug

- Fixed zombie armor bug when acting / not acting

- Added Extra Item UQZ Soldier

- Added Grenades crate

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- Changed zombie mod to full working gmod zombie survival

- Added new gmod sound effects

- New round infection mecanism

- Zombie HP calculation is based on threat level

- Zombies/humans sound effects are based on pourcentage of infected players

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- Added new screen effects during and after infection

- Fixed attack damage hud bugs

- Fixed server cannot contact non-steam master servers ( now server shows up in non-steam cs 1.6 clients)

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- Fixed headcrab duck bug after taking anti-dote or changing zombie class

- Fixed headcrab late zombie ambiance / input lag

- Disabled admin sensitive name check

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- Fixed movement speed bug after dying as headcrab

- Fixed client_cmd flood for better performance

- Added new zombie infection sounds

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- Fixed pallets render bug after grab/release

- Buffed Zombie hp bonus

- Increased pre-infection gmod round delay

- Buffed Zombie count ratio (multi/swarm/plague/normal)

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- Added Extra human drink

- Added drink crate + original gmod zombie survival sound effects + animations

- Nerfed weapon damage ( crossbow / plasmagun / c4)

- Changed infection mecanism + light effects

- Optimised gmod ambiance + sound effects

- Pallets / crates can freely move in space

- pallets can be pushed by humans/zombies

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- Optimized ammo/weapons/grenades/pallets/drinks plugins

- Added notification sounds for crates

- Random sky light/flashlight effects

- Optimized pallets/crates movement

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