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How To Make Counter Strike 1.6 REHLDS Server : The Ultimate Guide.

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REHLDS: (Reverse-engineered (and bugfixed) HLDS)

Description: ReHLDS is a result of reverse engineering of original HLDS (build 6152/6153) using DWARF debug info embedded into linux version of HLDS, engine_i486.so
Along with reverse engineering, a lot of defects and (potential) bugs were found and fixed
You can try playing on one of many servers that are using ReHLDS: Game Tracker.


Download Link: https://github.com/dreamstalker/rehlds


Build instructions (Linux):

- cd rehlds
- chmod +x build.sh
- ./build.sh --compiler=gcc

Build instructions (Windows):
- go to msvc
- open ReHLDS.sln using any version of Visual Studio

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